1. Solitude
    Stuart McCallum

  2. Juniper
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  3. New Devices
    Roller Trio

  4. Weather Walker
    Tim Garland

  5. Wonder Trail

  6. Investigations
    Pablo Held Trio

  7. Moksha
    Ivo Neame

  8. Return to Mind
    Eyolf Dale

  9. Animal Image
    Verneri Pohjola and Mika Kallio

  10. Thought You Knew

  11. The Influencing Machine
    Elliot Galvin

  12. 80 Years
    Hess Is More

  13. Another North
    Aki Rissanen

  14. Setembro
    Mário Laginha, Julian Argüelles and Helge Andreas Norbakken

  15. A Meeting of Spirits
    Gary Husband

  16. Riser
    Rob Luft

  17. Saluting Sgt. Pepper
    Django Bates

  18. City Live
    Stuart McCallum

  19. The Late Trane
    Denys Baptiste

  20. Pekka [24 bit 44.1 kHz]
    Verneri Pohjola

  21. Cross-Platform Interchange [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    Misha Mullov-Abbado

  22. Kingdom [HD] [24Bit 44.1kHz]
    Alexi Tuomarila

  23. Chopin [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    Ivana Gavric

  24. New Helsinki [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]
    Olli Hirvonen

  25. The Behemoth [HD] [24Bit 96kHz]

  26. Frankenstein
    Tim Garland

  27. The Roc
    Daniel Herskedal

  28. la diversité
    Nicolas Kummert

  29. Godspeed [HD] [24Bit 88.2kHz]
    Morten Schantz

  30. The Space Between
    Stuart McCallum & Mike Walker

  31. Subterranea

  32. All Things
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  33. Agartha

  34. Together, As One

  35. Punch
    Elliot Galvin Trio

  36. Fellow Creatures
    Jasper Høiby

  37. Wolf Valley
    Eyolf Dale

  38. Northern Edition, curated by Fiona Talktington
    Northern Edition

  39. One
    Tim Garland

  40. Held
    Jason Rebello

  41. Parallax

  42. Let's Dance
    Per Oddvar Johansen

  43. Amorandom
    Aki Rissanen

  44. Dream Keeper
    André Fernandes

  45. Groove Travels
    Gerard Presencer

  46. The Day I Had Everything

  47. Return to the Fire
    Tim Garland

  48. Fables
    Girls in Airports

  49. New Ansonia
    Misha Mullov-Abbado

  50. Flow

  51. Light and Shadows
    Tom Poster

  52. Live in Riga
    Thomas Gould

  53. Life To Everything (Vinyl Edition)

  54. Slow Eastbound Train
    Daniel Herskedal

  55. Bullhorn
    Verneri Pohjola

  56. Into the Shadow
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  57. Into the Shadow
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  58. Under the Moon
    Blue-Eyed Hawk

  59. First Light
    Andrew McCormack

  60. Songs to the North Sky
    Tim Garland

  61. Edition Sampler 2014
    Various Artists

  62. Life To Everything

  63. Vibrez

  64. Slowly Rolling Camera
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  65. In Cinema

  66. In Cinema

  67. Self-portrait (single)

  68. Protagonist (single)
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  69. Between Shadows
    Reuben Fowler

  70. Seven Hills
    Alexi Tuomarila

  71. Birds
    Marius Neset

  72. Dream A Life
    Slowly Rolling Camera

  73. Mirrors
    Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone and London Vocal Project

  74. Edition Label Sampler 2013
    Various Artists

  75. Live in London (40% OFF)
    Andrew McCormack

  76. Subjekt
    Neon Quartet

  77. Yatra
    Ivo Neame

  78. Neck of the Woods
    Marius Neset / Daniel Herksedal

  79. Moxxy

  80. Flight
    Dave Stapleton

  81. Walking Dark

  82. Beginnings
    Josh Arcoleo

  83. Five Countries
    Neil Yates

  84. Places and Other Spaces
    Andrew McCormack

  85. Golden Xplosion
    Marius Neset

  86. Blissful Ignorance

  87. The Cusp
    Robert Mitchell's Panacea

  88. Catch Me
    Neon Quartet

  89. Don't Think Twice

  90. Alive

  91. The Reluctantly Politicised Mr. James
    Spin Marvel

  92. Between the Lines
    Dave Stapleton

  93. The Other Place

  94. Bloor Street
    Secret Quartet

  95. Caught in the Light of Day
    Ivo Neame

  96. Troyka

  97. In Deep
    Mark Lockheart

  98. The Eye of the Duck
    Dave Kane's Rabbit Project

  99. Dismantling the Waterfall
    Dave Stapleton & Matthew Bourne

  100. Live at Le Mans
    Keith Tippett Tapestry Orchestra

  101. Lost Something

  102. Master of the Game
    Geoff Eales Trio

  103. The House Always Wins
    Dave Stapleton

  104. When Life Was In Black and White (50% OFF)
    Dave Stapleton

  105. The Conway Suite
    Dave Stapleton

  106. Catching Sunlight
    Dave Stapleton

  107. Hot Lament
    Paula Gardiner Trio

  108. Circular Motion
    Kevin Figes Quartet


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